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Women in Trade Post COVID19

Covid19 is set to wipe off 10 years of economic progress in developing countries advises the latest IMF report on Sub Sahara Africa.Globally all economies have been dealt a severe blow but developing countries have been hit the hardest.

The tourism sector as the largest employer of women and also with a high number of women entrepreneurs has experienced worst economic downturn due to air travel restrictions and general lock downs as countries try to contain the pandemic.

Women in art crafts and hand crafts feed into this industry as they rely on tourists to buy their wares.

Research has revealed that developing countries might face further economic challenges with continued lock downs.The resurgence of the corona virus in some parts of the world has made it even more difficult for countries to ease lock down measures.

The advent of the corona virus has exposed the vulnerability of women businesses forcing policy makers to ask themselves hard questions.How do women's businesses position themselves in order to remain resilient on the onslaught of pandemics such as the corona virus? The above OWIT Zimbabwe webinar is loading to initiate conversations that will lead in to action that will see the economic empowerment of women. Be part of these conversations and register.

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