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OWIT Open Market and Exhibition Day's Success Amplified by Generous Sponsors and Collaborative Partners

[Bulawayo, 8 April 2024] - The OWIT Open Market and Exhibition Day, held on 5 April at the Bulawayo City Hall, a platform celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation, achieved remarkable success, thanks to the unwavering support of various organizations and the generous contribution of our sponsor, Ecobank. Their collective efforts enabled the event to flourish and made a lasting impact on all participants.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the organizations that played a pivotal role in the success of the OWIT Open Market and Exhibition Day. Their dedication and commitment to empowering small to medium enterprises are truly commendable, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards economic growth and sustainability.

A special commendation goes to Ecobank Zimbabwe Limited and their Ellevate team, whose generous sponsorship made this event possible. Their belief in supporting entrepreneurship and fostering business development has reinforced the foundation for a thriving business ecosystem. We are immensely grateful for their vital contribution and unwavering support.

Additionally, we extend our gratitude to the following corporates for their valuable support:

  • Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development

  • The Bulawayo City Council

  • NetOne Zimbabwe

  • Econet Wireless

  • Doves Funeral Services

  • Fidelity Life Assurance Company

  • CBS - Competitive Brand Shapers

  • Rugare Medical Centre

  • Bonvie Medical Aid

  • Vivat Health

  • Seedlings 44

  • Gender Commission


  • Ring Driving School

  • Mosh 21

  • Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC)

  • BVTA Trust

  • Ample Stars

Their collaborative spirit and commitment to driving entrepreneurship forward have enriched the landscape for small businesses and inspired a new wave of innovation. Each organization's support added significant value to the event and exemplified the essence of community collaboration.

The collective efforts of these organizations have not only made the OWIT Open Market and Exhibition Day a remarkable success but have also set a shining example of what can be achieved through unity and shared goals. We are honored to have partnered with these organizations and look forward to continuing our journey together in empowering entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth.

For further information or media inquiries, please contact us at

Thank you.

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