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Women's Month Celebration

As we close off Women's Month this year, it gives me immense pleasure to shine a spotlight on the incredible contributions of three our choice-grade apples who have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of international trade and healthcare for women-owned businesses. These remarkable women have shown a steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and making a positive impact in their respective fields. Their dedication and leadership have not only inspired countless individuals but have also paved the way for a more inclusive and diverse future.

Sitshengisiwe "Tshengi" Ndlovu

My heart felt celebrations go to Sitshengisiwe “Tshengi” Ndlovu, without whom l myself could not be celebrated. She is a visionary leader whose passion for empowering women in the world of international trade is truly unparalleled. As the founder of the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), Tshengi has been a driving force behind promoting gender equality and creating opportunities for women to excel in the global marketplace. Her tireless efforts in advocating for the advancement of women in trade have not only elevated the voices of countless female professionals but have also fostered a more inclusive and equitable business environment for all.

Sitshengisiwe “Tshengi” Ndlovu is an Independent Trade and Gender Consultant who has just completed a SADC Pilot Project North-South Corridor Trade Facilitation program covering the movement of goods from Durban, South Africa, to Kasumbalesa, DRC.

She is one of the founders of the Organisation of Women in International Trade Zimbabwe Chapter and the First President of OWIT Zimbabwe. She is currently the CoVP of Chapter Development at OWIT International.

Tshengi is the Consultant for the AfCFTA Southern Africa Women Business Association Network, launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2019.

As a philanthropist and volunteer, she is the Past President of Rotary Bulawayo and a member of the Rotary Technical Cadre who assists in monitoring and valuing the Rotary Global Grants project.

Tshengi is an accomplished writer with two books in her stable: Who Will Feed My Birds, which was shortlisted in the NAMA awards, and Red Soils, which was cited in the University of Zimbabwe Journal.

She is grandma to two beautiful grandchildren.

Thembelihle “Thembie” Mloyi-Ncube – MD Bonvie Medical Aid

Thembelihle Mloyi-Ncube is a trailblazer in the healthcare industry, with a strong focus on providing quality medical aid services to communities in need. As the founder and Managing Director of Bonvie Medical Aid, Thembelihle has demonstrated a deep commitment to improving access to healthcare services and ensuring that individuals receive the care they deserve. Her unwavering dedication to promoting health and well-being has made a significant impact on the lives of many, inspiring hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Thembi is a founder and enjoys start-ups rather than already established entities.

She was contracted to start Bonvie Medical Aid in 2010, from registration with the Ministry of Health the Regulator, to product design and launching in a market already over-subscribed. Thembi led the strategic direction of creating an integrated healthcare group from 2017 when she pioneered the set-up of healthcare facilities. The Vivat model

is established and continues to grow in Zimbabwe through her leadership and an amazing management team she continues to groom to flourish. Regional expansion is now her dream.

Thembi is obsessed with healthcare solutions, designing health insurance products and linking these to the right healthcare provision.

Thembi sits on various boards which include:

• Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe.

• Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) - a regional board where she chairs the SADC Committee

• Zibuko Micro Finance - in Zimbabwe.

• Every Life Counts - a charity organisation which helps the physically challenged with wheelchairs and school fees.

• OWIT Zimbabwe – Vice President Membership

She holds a business degree from the University of Cumbria in the United Kingdom, Management Certification from Success Motivation International (SMI), a certification in the Development Program by IFHP, and a Chartered Customer Service Professional. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health Administration.

A biological mother of three but practically a mother of many, she enjoys empowering women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Sibonokuhle “Sboe” Buhlungu - CEO of Empowered Women.

Sibonokuhle Buhlungu is a dynamic leader who has dedicated her career to empowering women and advocating for gender equality in the workplace. As the CEO of Empowered Women, Sibonokuhle has spearheaded initiatives that promote women's leadership, entrepreneurship, and professional development. Her relentless efforts to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment have not only inspired women to pursue their dreams but have also paved the way for a more diverse and equitable future workforce.

Empowered Women came into existence as a result of Sibonokuhle's passion for empowering women. Through tailored programs and mentorship, the organization has guided and supported numerous women on their journey to success. To date, hundreds of women have graduated and benefited from the guidance and mentorship provided by Empowered Women.

Sboe sits on other boards including:

• MOSH Board Member

• Executive Director #Whispers

• Politics and decision making cluster Lead WCOZ

• OWIT Zimbabwe Vice President of Sponsorship

As President of the Organization of International Trade – Zimbabwe Chapter, it is an honor to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Sitshengisiwe Ndlovu, Thembelihle Mloyi-Ncube, and Sibonokuhle Buhlungu. These exceptional women embody the spirit of resilience, innovation, and empowerment, and their contributions serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for us all. Let us continue to celebrate and support the incredible accomplishments of women around the world, today and every day.

Together, we can create a brighter, more inclusive future where women are empowered to lead, innovate, and thrive in every facet of society.

Happy Women's Month!

Warm regards,

Buhlebenkosi Nyathi

President, Organization of International Trade, Zimbabwe Chapter

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